OHNII ENTERPRISE. (002567631-M) is a retail oriented multi-brand fashion company that have strong present in Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong & Taiwan. Upholding its mission to "Cheering life through Fashion" and help customers to "Live with Confidence", We are committed to providing customers with fashion products of high quality at competitive prices.

OHNII ENTERPRISE adopts a unique brand-grading development strategy and has developed several brands, including "OHNII" and "BLAQUIIN". These brands are tailored for differentiated market segments while complementing each other in terms of target customers, brand positioning and design style, satisfying customers’ increasingly diversified needs. We adopt the marketing methodology synonymous to that of the world brand-Vetements in order to differentiate ourselves from other brands. In this regard, we prioritise quality and limit the quantity of each design in our production front.

While continuously making endeavors to improve and enhance our brands, efforts are made to keeping our products' designs fashionable at all times and yet not replicating other brands.



"OH! NII." means  "THIS" or "INI" in Malay language. It derives from the Malaysian way of expressing satisfaction and concurrence towards product excellence and quality recognition. With this as our objective in mind, OHNII desires to gain worldwide recognition.

The Pulse

Founded in 2016, OHNII is a brand that celebrates the spirit of fearlessness, always strive to experiment the unconventional and diverse style in our fashion line, and exploring new definition of street fashion at all times.

A pulse is a symbol of life, passion, power, strength, endurance, persistence and the ability to move forward regardless of the troubles or obstacles ahead, which is aligned with the brand’s belief. The pulse structure is formed with the repeating of peaks and valleys, which resembles the ups and downs of life, and the ability the get back up whenever life gets rough and never forfeit to given challenges.

The Type

OHNII’s logo type is slanted and angled to give a more dynamic energy to the logo type, which resembles the spirit of always moving forward no matter the obstacles and challenges faced. It also gives the logo a tough and undefeatable characteristic.

Founded in 2019, B L A Q U II N is our fashion brand emphasizing on the production of wears with customized cuttings for body refining of ladies giving the effect of modifying ladies’ proportion. This effectively presenting the combination of casual and classic look with no compromise on high quality. Together with B L A Q U II N, we pursue elegance in simplicity. For us, elegance is a quality of style and grace, it’s an attitude. "What you wear" mirrored "who you are".