Introducing our new gradient embroidery ''Cringeworthy'' collection

Introducing our new "Cringeworthy" collection, where edgy streetwear meets premium craftsmanship. This collection is designed for those not afraid to stand out and make a statement. Each piece in the "Cringeworthy" collection is crafted from premium heavyweight cotton, providing unmatched quality and comfort. With its streetwear vibe and oversized fit, this collection redefines casual fashion with a unique twist.

Have you ever wondered why? Because we are surrounded by this so-called ‘cringe’ thing in our life. Sometimes happens to us, a close person, or even a stranger. Most of the time, it makes us mad, disgusted, or even embarrassed. Even though that thing happened to another person, it still makes us second-hand embarrassment.

Features of the "Cringeworthy" Collection

  1. Premium Heavyweight Cotton: Crafted from high-quality, durable cotton, these garments offer a luxurious feel and long-lasting wear.
  2. Oversized Fit: Enjoy the relaxed and modern fit that provides comfort without compromising on style.
  3. Gradient Embroidery: The most unique feature of this collection is the gradient embroidery. The Bear is embroidered with a gradient effect, creating a dynamic and eye-catching design that stands out.

“Oh god, please stop! So cringe!”. That is the one thing that inspired us for our new collection, which we call CRINGEWORHTY. This collection comes with 2 designs. The first design comes in 2 colors, black and white, while the second design, CRINGE WORTHY EMOJI, is only in black color.

All are now available at OHNII 1Utama S-210, OHNII Sunway Geo B-02-12

Outpozt (Genting Sky Avenue T2A-06, JB Midvalley Southkey G-057, Sarawak Viva City Mall G-037 & IOI City Mall G 236 & G 237)